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One of the least sexy things about writing code is that often before you can even get to your fun juicy problem, you have to solve several generic often unexpected time-sucking problems first. Recognizing this, we're hard at work developing REST services that solve some of the common problems developers would love to not have to worry about. We are making these services available via the RapidAPI platform.


GeoDB is a straightforward developer-centric REST API for getting global city and region info. Easily obtain country, region, and city data for use in your apps. Filter cities by name prefix, country, location, and even minimum population (currently over 115,000 cities and towns). Get all country regions. Get all cities in a given region.

  • Adheres to industry best-practices, including HATEOS-style links to facilitate paging results.
  • Backed by Amazon AWS load-balanced infrastructure.
  • Data periodically refreshed from
  • All data licensed under Creative Commons,


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